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We need to talk. 


I have seen this story play over and over so many times. You've come home after a long, hard day. Fortunately, the house is still quiet. You kick your shoes off, grab a coffee (or a glass of wine) and begin sorting through the mail. You replay the day and think about tomorrow.   You’ve got 10, maybe 15 years left to put enough money away so you’re not tied to that paycheck every week. 

The same thoughts haunt you today that do just about every day at this same time. 


  • You're worried about the economy. 

  • The market keeps dropping (can it go down even further?!) 

  • How will I be able to afford to retire?   I have no idea how to make that happen! 

  • I’m afraid… I’m going to lose my money investing and never be able to retire! 

  • Even the thought of retiring is unnerving; what will I do with my time? 





There are so many people like you who are stuck in fear.  


"If only there were a solution to help me deal with my fear." 


"I need a complete program to help me get my life in order and become who I want to be."

I’ve helped so many people who thought they had no choice but to work the rest of their lives.    

I think that all of us want the same thing – a fulfilled and happy life. Most of us want better relationships, more money, peace of mind, the ability to make a difference, and a chance contribute to society. We just want to be better and have our corner of the world be better (or no worse off) because we were here. 

But before we go further, we need some straight talk.   How do we climb out of this? 

   •    Time stops for no one.  We are all going to get older. 
   •    We will all forget why we went to the pantry. 
   •    We are going to have to look at – or build - your budget.   A budget you can stick to. 
   •    We can’t let the government tax your income into oblivion; we want you to keep it and invest it in your family, and your life. 


I’m ready to get started.

I want to help you be the hero to your family. I want to share with you a step-by-step process to fulfillment in money, health, and purpose. 

Be honest. You secretly desire financial independence and security. You want the option to travel and would like to ensure that your family is taken care of. Some of us might like to get a little ahead of the Jones. But for most of us, it boils down to comfort, peace, and independence.

It’s at this point that that little voice inside, the one that feeds on fear, is telling you: 

    •    You have a 401k. It’s doing alright. Just don’t look at it - You’ll be fine.  
   •    This finance stuff is too overwhelming; you’ll never get it. 
   •    It’s too much work, and you don’t have the time. 
   •    This guy is going to think you’re an idiot because of the current condition of your finances. 
   •    You’ll NEVER be able to retire.  

Now, understand, for successful people, Crisis = Opportunity. 

You don’t have to do any of this by yourself. I’ve seen people who deal with fear, embarrassment, stress, anxiety, despair, and depression.


Honestly, I’ve dealt with those emotions myself. But what I have found is that none of these things can be solved in isolation. 

We have got to call our fears out into the open and deal with them head on. 

Tell you what. I’m hosting some friends on March 29 & 30. I’m sharing RetireFit. It’s my opportunity to share with you some secrets to taking hold of your financial wellbeing and your health. 

I will walk with you reviewing your income, assets, and expenses. Yes, we do have to look at where you are. Your starting point. But don’t be afraid. I’ll be right there beside you. I want to help you identify clearly where you are now and help you plot a path that creates confidence.  A plan to help you fulfill your vision. 

We can do this.  

As your trusted advisor...

We need to have this urgent conversation. 

We’ll get to know each other. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I want you to know who I am and what I stand for.  I’ve heard more times than I can count, “John, we couldn’t' do this without you." Others tell me, "Thank goodness I went to your class 10 years ago." I have also helped families who felt they could NEVER retire. Once we sat down, looked at their numbers, they were astounded. They retired – and on less than they anticipated.   Lives that totally changed after that realization.   An exhale.  A focus on living with peace of mind. 


Will it take effort? 



Anything worth it takes hard work.  It’s not for everyone, so if you’re not ready to put in the effort stop reading here.  This may not be for you.

We’re going to be at the Nashville Food Project. I chose this venue because these folks have an incredible mission. The good news is that we support them by bringing our friends to their facility. The bad news is that we only have 25 seats. If you think you’re ready to take this leap, get your butt in one of those seats. 

DO NOT MISS OUT.  Those who make the decision to take this opportunity will change their lives.   Will one of those people be you?    

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