I hope you don’t mind my sharing with you like I would my friends. What I want to tell you is that


Let me start by telling you that my current financial situation is STRESSFUL. Trying to balance out my money between so many things feels like I’m a chew toy for a big dog! I make $1,200 a month, which… really isn’t that much. At first, it sounded like a big number, until I looked at rent, food, gas, insurance, etc.


I always thought I would never be able to work with a financial planner – I would never make, or have, the money. And trying to build savings myself felt like a lost pursuit; so sometimes I tell myself not to bother.


It’s the best we can do, and for that we deserve a pat on the back – maybe even a hug!
Sometimes, however, life crashes over us like a tidal wave. It’s those unexpected things like braces, repairs, accidents, medical expenses. You have to be concerned about your kids or your small business.


Or, maybe it’s grandma and grandpa – hospice care isn’t cheap. Just thinking about the “what if’s” is depressing. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, it can all start rolling downhill in a matter of seconds.


I know as well as anyone that there can be a multitude of things that make us lose faith or control in our savings, our income, our standard of living, etc. Fortunately, I found RetireFit!


I’m sure that you’ve heard of financial planners who will only help people with a certain amount of money. It’s not like that at RetireFit. They open their doors and share their knowledge and experience, no matter who you are. And at RetireFit, you’re not treated as just another person.


Don’t let the negative self-talk hold you back from reaching for greater opportunities for yourself.


Think about this: self-sabotage is paralyzing and it affects more than just us – the people around us, our families, and our friends. We pour out into them, and they pour into us. Why hold back in fear, when you could be putting your best foot forward pursuing a life that you love?


I know. The messages can be overwhelming. Like the one that says the best time to start saving or planning was 40 years ago. But do you know when the second best time to start is? Right NOW! The best time for YOU is right now! Leave the past there, in the past.
You are being invited to start a new journey, one where you will be taught how to make better decisions that could accelerate your success. Imagine the additional impact on the people who depend on you, or even those who just observe you.


Taking these classes can help you prepare for many opportunities - better savings, stronger earnings, and risk management for you and your household.


May I ask you something? What is holding you back? Fear, doubt, and stress are typical answers. But dig a little deeper, aren’t they really excuses? You deserve better, you deserve RetireFit!


So, as your friend, I look forward to seeing you there on October 13. Don’t forget!