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Being Open for Life's Lessons

We’ve been talking about the impact your mindset has on your peace, your success, your joy. We read lots of books, listen to successful people, and spend a lot of time trying to put things in place so we can achieve. The key, in my humble opinion, is in being open to what life brings your way.

It reminded me of a story of my own, and some advice that I got from an unexpected place.

Going through a divorce is tough – tough in so many ways, coming at you from so many different directions. The change is hard. That first year after my divorce, I realized just how tough life can be – going through all the “firsts” – first Christmas being divorced, first birthdays not being a whole family, first Father’s Day without my kids…

The kid stuff – that’s what took me to some very depressing places.

I had to find my way. And it’s tough when you bombard yourself with lots of negative self-talk.

I'm lucky though; I can get inspiration from some of the most unusual places, which brings me to my lesson.

I remember being in Target, talking to a REALTOR friend about some properties. Small world, she was dating the guy (Bubba) who was painting my house. Bubba didn’t talk much – unlike his girlfriend (the REALTOR).

Back to Target. She and I were talking, and Bubba walked up. She doesn’t know that we know each other, so she introduces us. He tells her he knows me because he’s painting my house. That didn’t stop her from giving Bubba the details on where I was with my life, and how I’m dealing with the firsts from being newly divorced.

He looked at me, then looked at her. He shrugged and said, “You’ll find your way.”

In that moment, it may have sounded harsh. However, those simple words packed some incredible wisdom. The phrase has stuck with me for 20 years. And I have found my way.

We find solutions and wisdom in the most unexpected places. We just need to keep an open mind to hear and receive.


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