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In Search of Community

As I continue my search for community, I might have mentioned that I have been going back to church. If I’m honest, maybe I’m more like putting my toe in the water.

I read somewhere that if you are involved in a church community, you live 14 years longer. Everyone knows about my quest to lengthen my life. But, what of church?

I’ve been everything from Catholic, to Buddhist, to non-denominational. I’m still searching and will probably continue this search for the remainder of my life. Honestly, I would love to take a class on different religions, what they do, and how they believe.

Attending church, I am reminded how nice it is to be around people, to shake hands, and wish them well. It is good to be with people who share a common theme, people who believe that there is something bigger than ourselves.

I want to get involved. I want to see where I can contribute – if I can volunteer somewhere.

I go because I feel so much more connected there, praying and being grateful, than if I were at home sitting on a couch. I like feeling God’s presence. I feel intentional. It is important to me – to be around good people.

I go to say thank you, to express my gratitude. I go to recognize what I am and how much I (and all of us) benefit from being part of a community.

My apologies that this is a lot of “I”. Maybe I needed to take a minute to be a little transparent with my friends. There is nothing in this that is intended to say “Look at what I’m doing. Aren’t I great?” It's just the opposite. It’s just musings from a humble man who wants you, my people, to know where I am, how I too am searching.

I am grateful for your influence on my life and our community.



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