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It’s not a goal, its figuring out what you love

This is for those of you who have stood back up, dusted yourselves off, and are ready to start again. January is behind us. We still have 11 months of this wonderful year. The new year is not the only time we can start something new. It can be a new month, a new week, or a new day. So let’s get going.

We’ve been talking about identifying that one thing – the one thing that provides direction for your life. The one thing that would make everything else seem easier. The one thing that, in our relationships, could have the biggest impact. The one thing that could alleviate stress in our lives.

Or maybe, what’s the one thing I can do in my retirement that would mean the most to me in the world? What if, by doing it, everything else would seem easier, or possibly even unnecessary.

I’m getting carried away. The one thing is not a magic wand or a silver bullet. It’s a mindset that allows us to become more driven and focused on what really matters to us. What is my one thing is not going to be yours, and vice versa.

Last week I shared City Slickers and the concept of one thing. But I’ve also been reading the book, The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller. He says that what holds us back from our ONE thing is usually a lack of accountability, a lack of a clear plan, and a lack of realistic goals.

He says something that I thought profound, “You don’t need to have another way to set goals, you need to learn how to have a relationship with them.” In other words, they need to become a part of us.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we know what we want. We need to be part of a community that supports those dreams and encourages us to reach out, cast a vision, and become the best version of ourselves.

Does it sound like a lot? It can be. I’m searching as well. Join me. 2023 is going to be the year that we identify what matters to us and lean into it.



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