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The One Thing

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

January is almost over. Have you already given up on your resolutions? Many people have.

If you’ll remember, before the holidays, I talked quite a bit about not necessarily setting resolutions, but instead establishing some goals. Maybe I’m playing a game of semantics, but I do think it’s much easier to ditch a resolution – lose weight, exercise more, drink more water. How do you know when you’ve achieved success? And because it’s so nebulous, we can easily leave those ideas on the side of the road.

Instead, we set goals. Ideas that we can strive towards. Ways that we can develop ourselves as the year progresses. Things that move us toward what matters in our lives. It reminded me of a scene in the movie CITY SLICKERS, where Curly (Jack Palance) is sharing with Mitch (Billy Crystal) his thoughts on the secret of life – you’ve gotta find the one thing.

It’s a single line that provides profound insight. We need to identify our one thing. Then set our goals around it and work towards it.

Being reminded of the one thing has helped me refocus a bit. I have had to come back to my goals and consider what is the one thing that is most important to me this year, this lifetime. What am I going to do? What changes am I going to make? To achieve that one thing?

How about you? Are your goals in line with what’s most important to you? Or did you just throw out the old stand-by resolutions?

It’s not too late to reset. Let’s remind ourselves what is most important in our lives and work together to help each other stay focused and become successful.

And, as always, I’m just a call or email away if you want some help or support.



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