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You have come a long way. You have overcome obstacles, raised the kids, and did all the adult stuff you were supposed to. You have reached the pinnacle…It is your time to look at your life.Is this the end? Or just the beginning? Starting anything can be daunting and even scary.


But, it also can be exciting, the time of your life. You’ve been working towards retirement your whole life. Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and create AND LIVE your dream life. That’s unretirement. Welcome to the [un]Retirement podcast from the Navin Group where we go beyond the traditional idea of retirement and help you focus on your why.

The [un]Retirement

Episode 003: Your Unique
Ability with Nicole Solitar


Episode 001: RetireFit with Kurt Lockhart

Episode 002: State of the Market with AE

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